Feb 7, 2018

Pending Earnings

Create a Lightning invoice for 0.00101800 tBTC or less to claim article's pending earnings.

Make sure the node requesting payment is the one you specified when creating the article.
Please pay to the node whose key you set when you published?
Oops, this invoice is for too much: use a smaller value?
Payout Failed :( Try again?
This doesn't look like a normal invoice. Try a different one?

BCash supporters hate him, but what are the five reasons you should too?

Well first of all, you just got scammed. Second of all, fuck off. Third of all, anyone that paid for this article is a chump. You should know that these things will be liberated by bounties on some other site. Basically people that actually give four fucks about reading this article will crowdfund a single payment, and once the threshold is reached it will do the payment, grab the content and then fucking MIRROR IT FOR NO COST.

Article Payment

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