Feb 1, 2018

Pending Earnings

Claim your pending earnings. Create a Lightning invoice for 0.00073570 tBTC to take your article's pending earnings.

Make sure the node requesting payment is the one you specified when creating the article.
Payout Failed :( Try again?

Lightning ain't ready for mainnet for sure.

All kinds of problems using zap, thankfully however it seems limited to UX and error handling problems and nothing too serious. But there def seems to be 3 main areas that need improvement.

  1. Tweaking and optimization around UX display and error handling. Should be accurate, and informative to a non-techy user.

  2. Performance and consistence. Not sure why but using it initially, once my channels were opened everything zipped. Now it's taking a payment several seconds to go through. Sometimes I get random "unknown next peer" and other errors (related to 1)

Article Payment

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